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Class Stuff

o Osaka Gakuin University

Documents of various softwares

o Apache
o Apache 1.3.3
o Apache 1.3.0
o Apache 1.3b3
o Apache 1.3a1
o bind
o bind 8.1.2
o NCSA HTTPd 1.5 (link only)
o NCSA httpd 1.4
o NCSA httpd 1.3R
o NCSA httpd 1.3
o NCSA httpd 1.1
o CERN httpd
o CERN httpd 3.0

Original Documents

o Crossfire
o DeleGate TIPS


My World Wide Web Pages were black for 48 hours to protest second-class treatment from the US Government for free speech. Read about it at this WWW page.

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